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Our project

What is our mission?

To support the tribe massai in Tanzania with:

  • Food and water supplies as well as articles of daily use
  • Medical treatments (medicine, doctors and hospital visits)
  • Jobs / secure income to support women and men to place
    their handmade products on the market and to provide
    them with school and vocational education to enable them
    to live an independent life

Help people to help themselves!

  • Above all our heart belongs to 

the education of children and teenagers!

At the beginning we have financed a lot of our projects out of our own money but through selling our products and receiving your donations much more is possible.

Why do we support massai?

Lack of water and periods of drought
Traditionally the massai are well known as nomads looking after their cattle but this has become really difficult in these days. In the meantime they have settled down, mostly in rather dry areas of the country. Lack of water and food is a fundamental and daily problem. As a consequence most of their cattle become diseased or even die. Also for the people it is challenging to obtain water and food. Especially in periods of drought many people suffer from hunger and thirst. In particular it is very hard for children and old people. No food, no water… one reason why we build a water dam.

Furthermore, many massai suffer from diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, cholera, pneumonia, gastro-intestinal disease and much more. Many diseases arise due to lack of hygiene and contaminated water and food. Lack of knowledge spreads a lot of those diseases. Also here it hits children and old people very hard and in some cases they don‘t have a chance to survive. To obtain medical treatments is difficult as most doctors and hospitals are far away. In addition, most massai cannot afford a visit to the doctor.

Improving the living conditions/offering alternatives
Which alternatives can be offered in order to substantially help the people in their live:

  • Supply of food and water
  • Medical treatments

What have we done so far?

So far we were able to help many people in different villages

and last but not least:

What is our vision?

Part of the profit we make through selling our products flows directly into our project zansaitos e.V. We manage all funds ourselves and use it where it is most needed.
We keep focussing on food, medical treatments and most importantly the EDUCATION of children and teenagers, hence we have a vision…

Find out more about OUR VISION

With your help and support – much more is possible! Thank you for supporting our project with your purchase and/or donation. (We provide receipts of donations if required)

donations bank account details of zansaitos e.V.:
Deutsche Bank
IBAN DE22 7007 0024 0212 2745 00 · BIC : DEUTDEDBMUC

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