Elisa …

My name is Biserka, in Africa they call me Elisa and I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Since I am 7 years old I am living in Munich, Germany. I am happy to say Munich is my home and Africa my passion. My professional life started in a typical business / commercial way. Until 2000 I was working a lot and I may say also very successful as an executive assistant to CEOs in various big companies. In 2000 I started my training as a beautician and body therapist. Since 2011 I am running my own Studio „Schönheit und Harmonie“ right in the heart of Munich city centre, where you can also buy our zansaitos products.

I love my job. My Job is my vocation. I just love to work with people, for me it is very exciting and rewarding. What makes me sad and what I can still not understand is that still on this wonderful planet Earth there are human beings suffering from hunger, have nothing to eat! My friend calls me „Miss save the world“ …. I know I cannot save the whole world but I am in the lucky position to provide at least to some people in this world a perspective in their life. A perspective for them to build on their future life and live their own dreams.

And together with my friend Dany, I live my own dream – our zansaitos dream.

… and Dany

My name is Daniela Trautmann. I was born in the beautiful city of Munich in Bavaria, Germany, and grew up just outside Munich. After my education to a language correspondent I started working with a temping agency where I had the opportunity to work in many different areas and companies. Since 1998 I am working for a European company, many of those years as office manager to the CEO. During this time period I also had the chance to work for 3 years in London, England. The time working and living abroad was for sure one of the best in my life which I would not like to miss.

I love my job and now I am even more happy that I can say I have found my sense of life in living my zansaitos project of our hearts, together with my friend, Elisa.
It is a completely new challenge, a thrilling experience, and interesting and at the same time a meaningful task which I pursue with lots of passion, joy and energy. With zansaitos we got the opportunity to meet many people from completely different kind of cultures, to work with them, to speak to them and of course to help them.

We just love seeing our happy customers loving our products and most of all we just love helping the massai families, especially the children, for a better and happier life.

… Saito and Tangono

zansaitos_Saito und TangonoAre our local business partners. Right from the beginning they were supporting us in finding the right companies and production places with lots of devotion and comprehension.

Pretty soon we started realising that we will not succeed at all with our European way of thinking and dealing with things. It was and still is very important for us to understand the different mentality, the different kind of working and dealing with everything in Africa. Hence, we are more than grateful to our two business partners and their continuous support who show and explain us their world.

Furthermore, with them, being locals, it became much easier for us to get access to the right people, let alone the language barrier.
They are responsible for the quality control and delivery dates and all further administrative tasks.

Last but not least, with them on our side we have access to various massai villages and therefore can ensure that our help really gets to the people in need. We also regularly visit all the villages and people ourselves.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Saito and Tangono for their outstanding support.