a project for massai – our project of our heart becomes true!

It is an exciting, challenging and rewarding mission which we love to fulfill with lots of happiness and passion.

“Who if not we, where if not here, when if not now?” (folk wisdom)

What is our vision?

To build a children‘s and youth house (boarding house)

for massai in Arusha! To provide a loving home for girls and boys during their school and vocational education.

We start with an accommodation for 50 children and teenagers with the potential to grow.

Why in Arusha?
Arusha offers a excellent infrastructure of various good quality school and training systems which enables us to respond to the individual requirements of the children and teenagers and foster their talents.

Massai mostly live in remote areas
Most massai villages are located in rather remote areas of the country. Quite often there are no schools. Which means schools are far away and for many children not reachable at all or difficult to reach. Therefore the only other alternative for them would be living in a boarding house.

Boarding houses exist in Arusha, but they are not sufficient, bound to school times, bound to age, fee-based and rather expensive, hence unaffordable for massai families

On the contrary to the existing conventional boarding houses we would like to take a further step!! In our boarding house all children and teenagers will have a loving home

  • Beyond school education
  • During their vocational training
  • Not bound on age
  • Free of charge, as their stay will be funded by donations and sponsors

as long as they are able to set up their own live and own income.

According to our research a children‘s and youth boarding house of that kind does not exist and is urgently required.

By no means the children and teenagers are expected to loose their identity during their stay in our boarding house. In fact, it is all about building bridges between their old massai tradition and the new awareness and new way of living.

How do we finance the project?

  • With sponsors of the whole project
  • With donations
  • With part of the profit we make through selling our products
  • With sponsors of children

We are very happy we have met many people who help with their own finances but also with their personal capabilities.

“Everyone said it is not possible, then someone came along who didn’t know this and just did it!” (author unknown)

What do we need?

Financial funds to build the children’s boarding house!

Everyone starts with the first step… many projects have already been carried out but in order to achieve our vision WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT.

„All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them….“ (Walt Disney)

You would like to be part of us?

We are happy to welcome everyone with an open heart who is seriously interested to support us to bring our project to success

Contact us by e-mail: karibu@zansaitos.com or give us a call: +49 89 222 824

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